What’s in Store July 28, 2021 NANA D’S SHIPPING

Howdy! Nana D’s will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. There will be a Live Facebook show on Thursday, 6-8 pm.


Nana D’s now has a shipping room. The gals at Nana D’s have been working to get this room set up, and we appreciate your patience as we transition into a business that will ship. Since shipping can be expensive–with prices this low we only offer paid shipping–we will allow our shipping customers to accumulate paid items. In order to accommodate our vendors, items will be billed from Nana D’s PayPal account. Once the items are paid for, they can be shipped or held. Shipping will be calculated and billed from Amethyst Island Media’s PayPal account. This is for technical reasons. This account links to the shipping account, which has been a work in progress to learn, but gets the discounted shipping. We will be billing in a timely manner, it’s just been that I’ve been out of town frequently this summer and as you may know Nana D’s is currently paper based, but we hope to get a system going that will work for all.

Vendor 33

Vendor 33 has movies available for donations to Pure Schoolcraft. Pure Schoolcraft funds several non-profits and on August 14th will be hosting Summertime Live at the Dome. There will be baseball cards for $1/piece at this booth. More to come.


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